Culebra’s Best Snorkel Beaches & Dive Sites  

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Culebra the Beaches to use for Snorkel & Dive Sites

Culebra, the jewel of Puerto Rico, has some of the Caribbean’s easily accessible Snorkeling on the western shoreline from the northern most point on the Flamenco Peninsula to the southern most western shoreline ending at Punta del Soldado.  For a small island Culebra’s great diving starts with reefs that begin at the shoreline on the leeward side and slowly slopes away then down to form walls of coral with dramatic drop offs which eventually meet the sandy ocean floor.  Next you have Culebra’s barrier reefs which keep the shallow waters around Culebra calm, and protected from the deterioration swell causes.  The barrier protection of smaller Cayos (keys) which, offer health hard and soft coral colonies for a variety of marine life to breed from depths of 15ft to 60ft keeps a diverse aquatic population healthy and close to the main island of Culebra.  All are accessible by vehicle, foot, or a short boat ride once you are on Culebra. When you arrive at your choice of Culebra’s Snorkel / Dive site (beach) you’ll find that the majority offer an easy sandy beach entrance with a short swim to the reef ( 3 minutes on average ) or a mooring location with a minor swim for divers.

The range of Culebra’s snorkeling & diving will impressed all with its diversity. Snorkeling on Culebra’s western shoreline offers different reef settings from barrier mini walls with depths of 15-25ft, shallow sloping shoreline reefs ranging 15-35ft depth to dramatic 60-75ft shoreline reef walls all with diverse aquatic wildlife also suitable for shore diving. There are sites perfect for beginners or experienced Snorkelers and Divers; from those who want to take it easy, as well as a more challenging, experienced or adventurous dive/snorkel day swimming thru caverns or poking into the caves. The challenge may take the forum of shallow underwater terrain requiring excellent buoyancy control to basic navigation knowledge around surface growing coral. Equally, if your idea of heaven is a 60-plus minute dive in shallow water crowded with marine life that abound amongst huge health coral heads then many areas offer multiple choices. The coral diversity will impress you with multiple coral species living side-by-side on the shoreline areas of Culebra.
The western shoreline of Culebra is on the leeward side of the island and protected from the wind and swell 90% of the year. Low pressure or large weather systems will change the swell direction as it is passing Culebra. Most Snorkeling Centers on Culebra can offer daily detail information including, water temperature, swell or wave height, and visibility for all locations on Culebra. On shore and offshore conditions vary depended on location. Getting current daily conditions and best site suggestions for locations that will offer optimum snorkeling and diving conditions always increases the day’s positive activity outlook.